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What Hookah Flavors Can I Enjoy?

You probably know by now that one of the best characteristics of using a hookah pipe is that you can avoid the taste of tobacco almost entirely. In a like manner as with mint-flavored cigarettes, but with a lot more variety, even using the same quality of tobacco of your preference. The fact that we can add honey to make the experience a little sweeter is an amazing thing. We can add a very large variety of flavor to augment the flavor of the composition: cherry, apple, grapes, orange, lemon, even carbonized beverages, you just have to choose. If you want to make the little clouds denser and creamy you just have to add some milk. Of course there are as many combinations as there are people using the pipes, it all depends on what you desire to experiment and what you finally decide suits you best. After all, it is all a very particular experience.
hookahThere are people who like an even more intense experience and experiment more with hookah flavors. They usually add liquor to the mixture, something like whiskey or rum. These, besides adding the fragrance of the liquor, add a certain quantity of alcohol to each draw from the pipe. Of course, we recommend you to be careful when adding liquor to the mix, since you could end up inebriated. Unless, of course, that is your goal, then enjoy as much as you can. You do not even have to smoke tobacco! There are flavored stones that get vaporized when heated. If you are using a personal hookah pipe, after each session, try to keep your pipe clean. This helps eliminate flavor and smoke residue that could end up damaging the pipe or your next session by mixing flavors in an unwanted way. Enjoy every experience.